Great Fighters 45 Fantastic Fights

45 Fantastic Fights Of The Century

45 Fantastic Fights Of The Century

Jim Braddock, Max Baer. Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Rocky Marciano are just a few of the great fighters you'll see on this DVD featuring the greatest boxing matches ever. 1939/b&w-color/100 min/NR/fullscreen.

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  1. Reply feedthecat November 2, 2016 at 11:47 am
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    decent value FOR ITS ASKING PRICE, July 2, 2012
    feedthecat (Toronto) –

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    This review is from: 45 Fantastic Fights Of The Century (DVD)
    As most of the other reviewers have noted, the production values of this Tango Entertainment dvd are def not great, but that can be expected given the price of this product AND the prohibitive costs of getting the rights to show MORE than the single rounds or (extended) clips from each of the “Fantastic Fights” on this dvd.

    The “value” that I’ve found in this item is that it gives one a basic idea as to how each of the fighters on this disc fought (i.e. was he a “brawler” or a “boxer”, did he have a good jab, was he a righty or a “southpaw”, etc) and that it is less time consuming to watch than having to, say, jump from video to video on youtube to catch a glimpse of these same fighters in action (assuming that that site even has video of all of them). And, yeah, the clips aren’t pristine, but that’s not only due to the quality of the transfers, but also the quality of the original prints. Indeed, as someone who has bought boxing dvds from various internet sellers, the picture quality of most of the bouts on this disc isn’t THAT bad considering.

    And, although many of the boxers who appear on this dvd are not great – or even “good” – fighters, footage of boxing immortals, such as Jack Dempsey, Benny Leonard, and Joe Louis, and of little remembered, but outstanding pugilists, like Tony Canzoneri, “Kid Chocolate”, and “Bat” Battalino, more than make up for the shortcomings.

    The single, 2 hour, 45 min disc contains rounds/clips from the following bouts:

    Jack Johnson-Stanley Ketchel 1909
    Jess Willard-Frank Moran 1916
    Dempsey-Willard 1919
    Luis Angel Firpo-“KO” Bill Brennan 1923
    Dempsey-Firpo 1923 (champ knocked out of ring)
    Leonard-Lew Tendler II 1923 (from the only extant fight film of the former)
    Gene Tunney-Georges Carpentier 1924
    Tunney-Tommy Gibbons 1925
    Tunney-Dempsey I 1926
    Jack Sharkey-Jimmy Maloney 1927
    Dempsey-Sharkey 1927
    Tunney-Dempsey II 1927 (“The Battle of the Long Count”)
    Paulino Uzcudun-Harry Wills 1927
    Tunney-Tom Heeney 1928
    Battalino-“Kid Chocolate” 1930
    Max Schmeling-Mickey Walker 1932
    Max Baer-Schmeling 1933
    Primo Carnera-Jack Sharkey 1933
    Carnera-Ernie Schaff 1933 (latter dies after bout)
    Barney Ross-Billy Petrolle II 1934
    Carnera-Tommy Loughran 1934 (champ has 80+ lb advantage)
    M Baer-Carnera 1934
    Canzoneri-Lou Ambers I 1935
    Ross-Jimmy McLarnin III 1935
    James Braddock-M Baer 1935 (“Cinderella Man” punches worse than Russell Crowe!)
    Louis-“King” Levinsky 1935
    Louis-M Baer 1935
    Buddy Baer-Jack Doyle 1935
    Schmeling-Louis I 1936
    Louis-Braddock 1937
    Louis-Tommy Farr 1937
    Louis-Schmeling II 1938
    Henry Armstrong-Ross 1938
    Louis-Tony Galento 1939
    Louis-Arturo Godoy II 1940
    Louis-“Jersey” Joe Walcott I 1947 (latter robbed of dec)
    Tony Zale-Rocky Graziano III 1948 (only one of their 3 wars filmed)
    Sandy Saddler-Willie Pep IV 1951
    Rocky Marciano-Harry “Kid” Matthews 1952
    “Sugar” Ray Robinson-Carl “Bobo” Olson III 1955
    Johnny Saxton-Carmen Basilio I 1956 (bad dec gives title to the former)
    Robinson-Olson IV 1956

    (the disc menu contains several factual errors – such as dates, etc – which I believe I have corrected above)

    After watching this dvd, one can always then head to youtube to see longer footage of the fighters that interest you.


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  2. Reply Annie Van Auken November 2, 2016 at 12:36 pm
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    “In this cawnah…Caveat Emptor! And in this cawnah… The Crapola, Kid!”, July 25, 2009
    Annie Van Auken (Planet Earth) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: 45 Fantastic Fights Of The Century (DVD)
    With a prior understanding that 45 FANTASTIC FIGHTS OF THE CENTURY was only samples of boxing matches, I went ahead and ordered it.

    This is an utterly disappointing DVD that TANGO ought to withdraw from the market.

    There’s NO literature and NO playlist anywhere to be found, and NO wonder– some featured bouts are the equivalent of “Schmenk vs. Smegma.”

    One “fight” is only a title card, then the losing boxer already on the canvas! (oy)

    Dubbing quality is THE WORST (the WORST, Jerry!). Many chapters are so blurry the viewer thinks his eyes have been dilated by an optometrist. A few fights consist of two indistinct ghosts dancing within the squared circle (usually the matches you wanted to see, like Joe Louis’s).

    Lowest blow of all (a ‘cup shot’): my darn disc freezes up on the Dempsey/Tunney fight (approx. chapter #31) and won’t play anything that comes after it!!!

    Feh! Feh! Can you say: “crapola”?
    Thou hast been forewarned. (…and there’s the bell for the 16th round…)

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  3. Reply Mitri Matte November 2, 2016 at 12:54 pm
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Not quite up to scratch, but worth the price., June 15, 2007
    Mitri Matte (Seoul, Korea) –

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    Because it’s hard to find anything on the older fighters, this DVD does fill a kind of boxing black hole; among the fighters on this compilation are ones that you rarely get to see at all.

    For instance, you get the Will o’ the Wisp against rough-housing Sandy Saddler; it was the first time I’d ever seen Pep fight, and he’s simply mesmerizing (watch him and you’ll see where Orlando Canizales picked up his style). Jersey Joe Walcott’s on this DVD too – he does the herky-jerky, slips and slides and shuffles his way past Joe Louis (though Louis gets the nod – go figure!). And the amazing Kid Chocolate’s on the menu as well.

    One of the truly great fights though, the 1909 Clash of the Titans between Stanley Ketchel and Jack Johnson, – a vicious middleweight against a skilful heavyweight – is extremely disappointing. After several minutes of the fight – suddenly, magically, inexplicably – we see Johnson down and Ketchel on his back – without seeing the punches that did the damage!

    Additionally, the Walcott-Louis fight included here needs redoing – Walcott’s torso disappears into the dark background of the crowd so that Louis appears to be fighting just a pair of boxing trunks with legs attached! And this DVD also gives you the Tunney-Dempsey fights twice – why? No man can say!

    All in all, it’s worth buying to have some of the old-time greats on your DVD shelf, but don’t expect too much from either the film quality or the footage.

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