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Punching Bag Training – Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

by Jeff Woo
punching bag training Century Wavemaster XXL

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

punching bag training[review] 

If you are looking for a training punching bag for your home or your gym which is practically suitable for all your needs, then Century Wavemaster XXL training bag is your answer.  punching bag training

Century punching  bags for training exist in market from last two and half decades, and now Century has become a reputed name in this field.  This training bag product of Century is much different and best in quality from their other products.

Features and Benefits  punching bag training

In today’s world, quality of any product matters a lot for Century’s customers as it invests in product development to deliver quality results.   This training bag product gives assurance of that, as its covering is made up of vinyl which increases its quality and durability.

If your hands are injured by forceful punching on other bags, then you can relieve your hands by using this product. Under the vinyl covering, there is high density foam which protects your hands when striking forcefully.

Height of bag is according to normal human height criteria so that it can be used both by taller and smaller persons.

If your punching bag for training is taking too much space in your house, then you may want to exchange it with this Century Wavemaster, as it does not require much space having diameter of only 18 inches and 69 inches height.

The noise level of this product is very low specifically when placed on carpet. So, you don’t have to worry about neighbors complaining of noise.

It is easily foldable which you can carry it with you anywhere in your carry bag. Without filling, it is just of twenty seven pounds. It is suitable for both home and gym. Its base is built up of heavy plastic which gives it stability, and it does not move much while during training.  punching bag training

While filling this bag, we would like to suggest that you fill it with sand than water, as water can freeze in lower temperatures due to which your base can blast. Also, filling with sand will protects you from harming when striking it forcefully. When filled, it weighs approximately 270 pounds.  punching bag training

You can use both your hands and legs while kicking it. Its surface is made to tolerate such forceful hitting and taking your training to next level.  Surface area of this punching bag is very large this gives you feeling of real boxing.  punching bag training

You have to tie down some bags from your ceiling which causes you discomfort. But with its heavy base, you can simply put it in any corner of your house.

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  • Filling with high density foam
  • Works both for tall and small height people.
  • Easily portable.

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  • Needs to fill the bag yourself. Make sure that you fill it with sand, as filling with water can cause you certain discomforts.
  • When you place it on a concrete floor, it causes a noise. Therefore, it’s better to place it on a carpet.

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top 10 best punching bagsSome bags lose their shapes and hardness after some time and can only be used as a pillow afterwards.  But this product remains in its shape and correct hardness even after a long time.  Even it is safe to use for kids, but you have to make sure that they kick it high.

If you're looking for a high quality punching bag for training, Century Wavemaster XXL bag training is practically the best choice for your home. punching bag training

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