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Top Heavy Punching Bag : Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

by Jeff Woo
top heavy punching bag everlast-omni-strike-heavy-80-pound-bag

Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag top heavy punching bag 

top heavy punching bag[review] 

For amateur and professional boxer and martial artists, the punching bag is really very important.  Keep in mind that you have to practice your strikes, your strikes’ accuracy, rigidity, and speed.   Therefore, before you buy any punching bag, make sure that you know which punching is the best for you and how to choose it properly.

Main criteria to consider include shape, weight, size and filler material.  Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag’s specifications are as follows:

Weight & Height  top heavy punching bag

There are different weights of punching bags: light, medium and heavy. The Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound punching bag is heavy (80 lbs.) and looks like a cylinder. As such, it doesn't shake while you or even professional athletes practice their strikes because of its heavy weight.   top heavy punching bag

Actually, all experts say that the most comfortable and the best in using is leather material.  Everest punching bag is really universal because it is appropriate for practicing all strike types.  Also, this item is used for practicing powerful punches and strike series by famous and professional sportsmen.

Its height is one of main factors why Everlast Omni Strike punching bag is recommended. Its height (87.2 inches) is an ideal because you can practice strikes on all levels.  However, before choosing this punching bag, you may need to look at your space whether it allows you to have such a serious, big and heavy bag installed in that area.

Filler material 

Filler material influences on how good will your strike practice be.  Different companies use various fillers such as sand, rubber shavings or sawdust. Be careful if you choose a punching bag filled with sawdust one day it will be like a stone and will become totally useless.   top heavy punching bag

Everlast Omni Strike punching bag offers us rubber shavings as a filler material for a punching bag.  This material perfectly fits for your practices because of the following reasons:   top heavy punching bag

  • Its bottom panel is wrapped with C3 foam to be good for low kicks
  • Knee strike handles help your movement close and tight like Muay Thai while training
  • Middle section strikes zone
  • Great leather materials enhancing durability.

With above advantages, Everlast Omni Strike punching bag can be considered as one of the preferred punching bags among all the others.

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  • It is solidly built
  • It’s relatively tough for your punching training
  • Since the product uses C3 foam, it will help keep the bottom of the bag durable from tough and forceful kicks.

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  • If you prefer a heavier punching bag (say 100 lbs), this product may not fit your requirement.
  • Stitching in the straps may fray after a period of usage.
  • The hanging apparatus that comes with the product may not appear strong.

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top 10 best punching bagsWe recommend Revgear 150 lbs. Heavy Bag Spring for your use to install it onto the ceiling, which will perfectly work.   Or you can choose Everlast Double End Heavy Bag Anchor to secure the bag so as to get a good rhythm on the bag.   If you fail to stabilize the bag, chances are that your wrist may be strained after striking the bag when the bag swings back with increased impact.   top heavy punching bag



Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

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  • Whether you're a professional fighter or you just train like one, set up this heavy bag in your home or exercise center to start honing and improving your moves
  • Equipped with heavy-duty nylon straps that keep it secure during intense workouts and the double-end loop increases function and movement; Everlast punching bag that is built for longevity
  • Made with nevatear outer shell with an extra layer for better shock resistance and absorption of the hanging punching bag; Helps improve muscle and overall strength through training
  • Features C3 foam-wrapped bottom panel that provides an extra layer of impact absorption to sustain low kicks and ground-and-pound; Knee strike handles mimic the Thai clinch during training
  • Made for strenuous boxing workouts and suitable as a punching bag for men and women; Measures 15 inches long, by 15 inches wide, by 37.99 inches tall and weighs 80.49 pounds

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