Leather Boxing Ball,SGODDE Speed Dodge Ball Double End Gym MMA Boxing Sports Punch Bag Floor to Ceiling Rope Workout(Length 4,76 ft)

Product Features

  • ⊗Endurable and Resilient : The punching ball made with 2 layers of quality textiles inside and PU leather outside, is practical and hard-wearing and offers incredible touch & feel.
  • ⊗Inflatable Double-end Bladder : The double-end rubber bladder inside the ball can be easily inflated with an air pump, and deflated and put away when not in use.
  • ⊗Easy to Fix: It comes with elastic strips and hooks that connect the two ends of the ball to the floor and ceiling, allowing the ball to move in all directions and to train your eye-hand coordination.
  • ⊗An Addition to Workouts : Specially designed for boxing and other punching training, and for professional use in gyms as well as workouts at home to enhance your agility, accuracy and reflexes.
  • ⊗Multi-purpose : Suitable for boxing, free combat, kickboxing or other punching training,punch it everyday to build muscle, relieve stress and refresh yourself!

Product Description

Develop a Healthy Lifestyle with this Boxing Ball!
Boxing works most of the muscles of your body and improves your cardiovascular system. This punching ball is the best choice both amateur and professional players to increase speed, coordination and endurance, and also for starters and people who loves exercises to enjoy the fun of boxing as it can help you to burn calories, tone body, and relax and relieve life and work pressure.

How to Use:
1. Find the air hole at one end of t

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