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Punching Dummy Guide – Realistic Boxing Training

by Jeff Woo
punching dummy

With the punching dummy, you practice realistic boxing and fighting techniques.

In addition to a human training partner, the punching dummy is the best alternative for boxing and other martial arts.  Kicks, punches, holds and general martial arts techniques can be practiced and rehearsed realistically. The integrated stand always keeps the dummy securely on the ground. Compared to the classic punching bag, the punching dummy has several advantages.

In this article, you will get a lot of important information about punching dummy and martial arts dummy. These include, among other things, the advantages that come with such a purchase.  We will also show you what to look out for when buying such a training device.  Furthermore, we will introduce you to very good boxing dummies that have already been used in practice and have a very good reputation.

Why a Punching Dummy?

With a punching dummy, you can realistically simulate the punches and kicks of a martial arts in a realistic manner. The punching dummy is like a punching bag that comes very close to the human anatomy and can therefore give realistic feedback on the punches and kicks.

Depending on where the punching dummy is hit, it gives a suitable answer in the form of a swinging movement. For this reason, the punching dummy is much better suited for boxing training than a classic punching bag.  Furthermore, the shape of the boxing dummy is more similar to a human training partner compared to a punching bag.

Punching Dummy - A Kind of Standing Punching Bag

The punching dummy does not hang from the ceiling, but is placed on the floor with a stand.  This has the advantage that there is no need to install a complex ceiling structure.  No measuring, drilling or annoying screwing! The punching dummy itself is mostly made of rubber or PU material, which is very close to the hardness of the human body.

You should make sure that the stand has the appropriate weight or is filled enough to withstand your kicks and blows. The base of the punching dummy is mainly made of polyethylene.

Many models have a stand with an integrated weight. However, there are also models in which the base has to be filled with water or sand in order to provide an appropriate counterweight.

Punching Dummy Training

Here are a few basics for training with the dummy.

You should definitely put on boxing gloves to avoid injuring your hands.  Because a punching dummy is relatively hard, although the “Century Bob XL” model listed below struck us as a little bit harsh.

The punching dummy swings back and forth like a standing punching bag.  At the same time, the shape, which is modeled on the human body, requires even more precision.  Because even when swinging you have to aim precisely and, unlike a punching bag, the dummy is wider in the body, wider at the shoulders and very narrow at the neck and head.  This is how you train to apply your punches and kicks precisely and realistically.

Buying Punching Dummy

When buying a punching dummy, there are of course a few points to consider in order to choose the right product. We have put together the most important points for you in the following overview.

  • Good quality is crucial for the longevity of the dummy. Leather stands for the highest quality in this area.
  • The correct height of the dummy is crucial for optimal training without long-term injuries.  Very good punching dummies are height adjustable.
  • The weight of the stand should be able to withstand all blows and kicks!
  • It is essential to also consider the shipping costs when buying, as these could drive the price up again.

The Best Punching Dummy

Century B.O.B. Body Opponent Bag Freestanding Training Dummy

BOB Punching Dummy


+ 60 x 60 standing area;
+ 155 cm - 205 cm height (adjustable);
+ 122.5 kg filled ensure a secure stand
+ can be filled with sand or water;
+ very realistic in appearance and material hardness;
+ Bob has a lower body and more hit area.



Exercises at home test verdict:  Bob XL is a very good dummy that can withstand hard knocks.

Product Description:

The punching dummy "Bob XL" is suitable for all martial arts, fitness boxing or as a general workout alternative. The box dummy is easy to set up, height adjustable and weighs approx. 122.5 kg when filled. The dimensions of the dummy are 60 x 60 x 155 cm with a maximum size of 155 - 205 cm.

Thanks to the large playing surface, the BOB XL punching dummy is a real all-rounder.  Many techniques, punches and kicks can be learned and trained with this training device.   Due to the imitation human upper body, the training is very realistic.  Punches and kicks are also realistically cushioned because of the hardness of the material. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The stand can be filled with either sand or water.

Martial Arts Dummy

QMUK MMA Grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Wrestling Mixed Martial Arts Judo Training Kick Boxing Dummy

punching dummy review

The martial arts dummy is even more realistic than a classic punching bag or boxing dummy.  The martial arts dummy was specially developed for martial arts and is used accordingly by wrestlers or MMA fighters as a training device.

The martial arts dummy has a particular advantage: Since it has legs and no stand, it can be moved freely around the room. Wrestlers, MMA fighters and wrestlers in particular can train more complex movements, grips or throws with the doll.

QMUK MMA has now made a name for itself in martial arts and is a leader in the development and manufacture of training equipment for boxing, MMA and other martial arts.  The martial arts dummy from QMUK MMA not only has arms and legs, but also a weight distribution similar to that of the human anatomy. This makes training with the martial arts dummy very realistic.

The martial arts dummy is available in different sizes XS-L (n 100CM (40"), 120CM (47"), 150CM (59"), and 180CM (70")) depending on the size and weight class of the person exercising.  The sizes 40" and 47" are recommended for KIDS and 59" and 70" are recommended.  This is a very good training option for children to learn martial arts technique.

The martial arts dummy from QMUK MMA is made of fine canvas and leather material and is therefore of very good quality.  The product can use in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, Wrestling, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate.


  • A punching dummy enables a realistic training experience
  • Compared to a punching bag, the punching dummy stands on the floor
  • No screwing or drilling necessary!
  • A punching dummy resembles the anatomy and hardness of a human body
  • The base, which can be filled with water or sand, ensures that the punching dummy does not slip when it is hit or kicked
  • A good punching dummy is height adjustable
  • An martial arts dummy has arms and legs and can be moved around the room.  This allows grips or techniques of individual martial arts (including MMA or wrestling) to be better trained.



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