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A Muay Thai MASTER So Slippery They Call Him The Eel

by Jeff Woo

The Eel has been recognized as one of the most evasive strikers of all time, and for good reason... People just can't seem to get their hands on him. Some call him Mr. Lightning due to his crazy speed, other's The Eel, because he's just so slippery... Regardless though, one thing is for certain. Lerdsila's fighting aesthetic is incredibly entertaining to watch. Thank you for joining me as we take a closer glance.

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Tiger Muay Thai trainer Kru Fahsuchon (former Lumpinee champion and year 2000 "Fighter Of The Year" award winner) teaches how to counter an opponent's body kick by catching their leg, kneeing to their thigh, and then sweeping them to the ground.
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