Punching Bag Buying Guide 2020 :  A striking bag is first and foremost an equipment that allows you to train alone.  This isolated training allows you to improve at any moment and to concentrate on your techniques. This is an essential element for the development of a practicing combat sport.

With a punching bag, the primary objective is to train one’s movements, to perfect one’s movements. It’s very simple, you can repeat them almost infinitely, so your success depends solely on your motivation.

If you take your training seriously, a session with a punching bag will allow you to work the whole body : the upper body for the strikes, the abs, because you must be sheathed and legs in steps, dodging or kicking.

You also work your endurance with a punch bag, it’s a very cardio exercise. And when it comes to endurance, it’s not just your breath, hitting for long periods of time improves the strength of your arms and shoulders. In this regard, do not hesitate to time: you can simulate rounds to get your muscles used to efforts of this duration, repeat series of 3 minutes is excellent.

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The quality of the finishes is to look closely, the best leather in the world will not last long with ridiculous seams.

Do not hurt yourself, it is important to prepare a minimum before a punching bag session. We invite you to use bands for your wrists and boxing gloves. Likewise, hit with high frequency rather than strength. Finally, do not forget to warm up, a small session of skipping rope will allow you, for example, to warm up and put your wrists in condition.

If you want more details, you can read our article on the benefits and tips for using the punch bag and punching bag buying guide.

The choice of a punching bag is very important, the material is an essential element: the fabric is only suitable for sessions of very low intensity and not regular, polyurethane is suitable for further use, finally for intensive use, choose the leather .

Taking into account all these elements we offer four punch bags that correspond to different uses and budgets, so you are sure not to go wrong and choose the best punch bag for you.

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Did you know?
The punching bag is a complete activity and very cardio, many benefits for a multitude of sports.

To forge punches that throw, there is nothing like a booster accessory namely a punch bag. Since the punch bag is a personal sports equipment, it should be adapted to your size and training needs.

If your goal is to acquire a device that will allow you to quickly get results, our price comparator is here to present what is best selling in the trade. Looking for a standing model that can be adjusted to a total weight of 80 kilos? The MADX Kickboxing MMA will do the trick. With a height of 1.5 meters and a diameter of 30 cm, this model comes with a robust metal chain. An alternative to this model is the RDX Child 2FT MMA. This model is designed to withstand quite high levels of shock thanks to its bag composition filled with shredded textiles and that you can change if necessary, just by unzipping the closure of the punch bag.

Punching Bag Guide: How to Choose a Good Punching Bag

A punching bag is an essential tool for training boxers. Its use makes it possible to be able to work the technical aspects like the management of the distance, the maintenance of the guard, the gain in power, the displacements. Take advantage of our advice to buy a good punching bag proposed on our price comparison to free you time during the crucial choice of your equipment. You must pay attention to 3 main characteristics when buying a new bag, namely: your type of training, the size of the bag and the material that composes it.

Punching Bag Buying Guide

The type of training

If you’re wondering how to buy a better value punching bag, you’ll need to know what type of training you’re doing. This is an essential point, because it is after the determination of it that you will be able to choose your new punching bag. There are several types of bags according to your needs.

The long punching bags are heavy and stable, they are ideal if you are looking for stability during your workouts. In addition, you have the opportunity to use your feet, knees since they can reach the 1.8 m. On the other hand, if you just plan to score points, you should instead point to the short hit bags whose lengths are often between 90 cm and 130 cm.

You can also opt for a typing dummy, which is a good alternative thanks to its realism. This is ideal for “fist” approaches. In addition, if you train more often, do intensive training or competition (of the order of 3 or more times a week), opt for a reinforced punching bag.

The size of the bag

Another feature not to be overlooked when buying a new bag is the size of it.  Our shopping guide for the best bags of keystrokes invites you to choose your bag according to its size.

For more stability, opt for long-lasting punch bags that are very stable and allow you to work your kicks as well as your knees. The long punching bags have a size ranging from 150 cm to 180 cm. As for the short punching bags that measure in the 90 cm to 130 cm, they are ideal for working the upper body, they are also suitable for training for children.

The material that composes it

Take care to choose a punching bag that is adapted to your needs and to do this, it is necessary to take into consideration the material that composes it. If the punching bag is for children or you are a beginner boxer, choose a bag that is flexible to hit like a canvas or polyester bag. Otherwise, buy a genuine leather or PVC bag that is able to withstand abrasion and blows.

After seeing the main basic features that should not be overlooked when buying a new punch bag, you can now ask the essential question: “where to buy a new punch bag? You have the choice between several models according to your choice criteria.

The Best Punching Bags of 2020

BEST PUNCHING BAGS IN 2019Whether you want to train from time to time or for high-level training sessions, it’s important to choose a model that’s appropriate for the use you want to do, whether for a punctual or intensive workout. To do this, read this comparison to try to find the answer to your question: “what is the best punch bag on the market? ”  We provide you with an honest punching bag buying guide.


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