AGILITY LADDER & CONES by FireBreather. Powerful Training Equipment to boost Speed and Cardio in Soccer, Football & Sports. Includes 15ft Ladder, 10 Cones, Pegs, Nylon Carrying Bag & E-book

Product Features

  • GET FITTER, FASTER AND STRONGER: Speed Ladder allows to do limitless footwork drills that gradually increase fitness level. It's the secret weapon used by coaches and athletes to develop key functional skills such as stamina, quickness, balance and coordination
  • SKYROCKET YOUR CARDIO: Training Ladder drills constitute a form of High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT- which by far outperforms conventional cardio. This exercise tool is safe, easy and challenging at the same time
  • WANT TO PREVENT INJURIES? Agility Ladder Training done regularly strengthen joins, ligaments and tendons. Repeated speed shifts and direction allows connective tissues to rapidly stretch and contract making them stronger and more flexible
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Whether you're a pro or a beginner, tall or short, agile or not, this Workout Ladder will fit your needs. Nylon straps make it easy to change distance between rungs depending on your workout demands
  • THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: This Top Quality Speed and Agility Training Equipment includes: 15 ft long / 12 Rungs Sports Ladder, 10 Agility Cones, 4 Pegs, a Nylon Carrying Bag & Training

Product Description

Be Bold, Reach The Top, Be A FireBreather You want to live life to the fullest. A common saying? Maybe. Maybe not, if you understand its true essence.In Firebreather that's what we do. We get the gist of everything that has to do with accomplishment. That's why we want to help these goal-oriented individuals to accomplish their own top. We understand it because that's what we ourselves do.We resolve to whatever power is within one's self and guide them through to reach their full potential or ch

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