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Home Fitness Equipment – Easy At Home Workouts

by Jeff Woo
home fitness equipment

Home fitness equipment has been highly demanded amidst COVID 19 pandemic.  Not only do most people today know how important exercise and sport are, but the topic is also constantly coming up in the media. However, many people have problems or inhibitions about contacting sports clubs or gyms.

Not everyone lives in a region with an enormous density of studios, others simply don't feel comfortable going to the gym as a former "couch potato", where apparently only well-formed and well-trained athletes are waiting.  Many simply don't have the time to go somewhere several times a week.  But does that have to mean the end of the sporting project?  No, because there is wonderful equipment for the home that is suitable for rented apartments and homes.

home fitness equipment

Home Fitness Equipment - Chin-Up Bar

Anyone who deals with the sports programs on YouTube or streaming platforms will sooner or later stumble upon exercises that include pull-ups. At home athletes can get around here in various ways. If a playground is nearby, the pull-ups can often be done on the climbing frames there. The problem: This detour costs time and many people who do not go to the gym do not go there because they do not want to be watched by others while they are training. So you need a solution for your home.

Chin-Up Bar

Wall Mounting -There are pull-up bars for wall mounting. With them, care must be taken that they have sufficient distance from the wall, otherwise various exercises are not possible. It is also important to ensure that the rod is firmly attached to the wall and that correct dowels are used. This can be problematic in rented apartments, as many room walls are only made of plasterboard.

Clamp Bar - This variant is simply clamped into the door frame. The rod has a telescopic mechanism. By rotating the bar, it spreads apart so that it wedges itself in the door. The technology works like that used on some shower clamp bars. A pull-up bar test provides information about the stability and workmanship.

Pull-ups are mostly used for exercises that target the upper back. However, the bars can be used in a variety of ways:

Stretching Exercises - athletes can stretch themselves on the bar again and again in between. If you want to stretch, simply grab the bar above your head and stretch out so that your back is pushed through. By holding on to the rod, counter pressure can be generated.

Fitness Bands - Fitness bands can be wonderfully connected to pull-up bars. There are no limits to the imagination.

Home Fitness Equipment - Fitness Mat and Tapes

Fitness mats have several uses when exercising at home. In and of themselves, the mats are there to prevent athletes from working directly on the cold and hard surface during floor exercises. Especially with situps, the spine is happy when the individual vertebrae do not come into direct contact with the ground. At home, however, the mats still have the benefit of having a cushioning effect. And that is particularly important in rental apartments. Anyone who has already raved about themselves knows how jumps can sound like. But what should be paid attention to? An overview:

For testing - those who want to start exercising at home often don't want to buy any equipment. For the first steps, a simple sleeping mat from the tent is often enough.

Usage - there are different fitness mats. If you want to keep fit with yoga exercises, you should get a yoga mat. Other fitness mats are often even insulated, so that they allow "wilder" sports and protect the neighbors' minds.

Non-slip - this is an important point once the sport turns into real movement. If you do exercises that involve jumping up from your knees, you need a mat that never slips away. Of course, this factor does not come into play if carpeting has already been laid.

home fitness

Home Fitness Equipment - Fitness Bands

The mat is part of the basic equipment. If you want to train and watch training clips more often, you will come across the next sports helper: fitness straps

Use - basically the ligaments are there to create or increase resistance when there is no other resistance.

Types - fitness bands come in different strengths, lengths and variants. Short bands are great for arm exercises, while longer bands can connect arms and legs together. If you have a pull-up bar, you can loop a fitness band around the bar and do the exercises on the hanging band. This variant is also suitable for tension in the neck area, as an arm can be placed in the band and can now be moved gently.

Here, too, there is a little trick to test whether fitness straps are for you: tension belts. They are completely sufficient for pure testing and for the first exercises.

Home Fitness Equipment - More Ideas

If you want to do less targeted exercises, but want to move, you can work with real sports equipment for home use:

Cross trainers - the entire body is trained on them, as the arms are always moved with them. Since the resistance can be adjusted, the trainer is suitable for everyone.

Bicycle - these are arguably the oldest fitness equipment and they are still in fashion. Condition and legs are trained on them, but the upper body is almost completely neglected.

Treadmills - they are practically jogging in the living room and are suitable for everyone who wants to jog, run or walk.

A disadvantage of all sports equipment is, of course, that it takes up space. A corner of the room is sufficient, but it is taken up by them throughout. It can only be put away quickly if there are castors - otherwise the devices are often too heavy to move on their own.

Conclusion - Home Fitness Equipment Is Great

Home fitness equipment is great, as exercising at home is recommended for many people. It is also often easier to calm down your inner weaker self, as you neither have to leave the house, nor can other people watch how you struggle yourself with exercises that others seem to be effortless. Nevertheless, a certain amount of equipment is required to really get started.

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