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Venum Boxing Gloves Review – 2022

by Jeff Woo

Venum boxing gloves is not only a first-class manufacturer of boxing gloves, but also stands for good equipment in the martial arts of boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and fitness in general. In this article you will get a little insight into the world of Venum, Venum shorts and Venum boxing gloves. You will also find out what to look for when buying good boxing gloves, what different types of boxing gloves there are and what you have to consider when it comes to size and weight (oz).

We present these Venum boxing gloves to you in this review article.


The Venum Boxing Gloves Brand In Brief

The manufacturer Venum is originally known from the sport MMA or Freefight. Venum's focus in the early 1990s was on MMA shorts and rashguards. Meanwhile, however, Venum is also for clothing, equipment and accessories (shorts, gloves, protectors, bandages , bags, punching bags , nutritional supplements, etc.) for the sports of MMA, boxing, muay thai, jiu-jitsu, karate and fitness & crossfit. Like other popular brands in this area, Venum has its production in Thailand. Thailand has a lot of know-how when it comes to martial arts and the products are accordingly of very good quality with an adequate price / performance ratio.

Venum Shorts

You have probably run into someone in your studio who wore MMA shorts from Venum, or you saw MMA fighters sponsored by Venum at MMA fights. Venum has many professional fighters under contract, especially in this sport. The shorts usually have a very eye-catching and unique design. This is not surprising, because many professionals in the MMA field attach great importance to a good fit of the combat shorts, which allow optimal mobility.

This is particularly the case with Venum. Despite their robustness, the shorts are very light and optimally adapt to the body. This provides good footwork with maximum flexibility. Some shorts from Venum also have good compression, which ensures better blood circulation in the legs and increases the endurance of the fighter.

Venum also designs the shorts according to the specific requirements of each martial art. Accordingly, the shorts in Muay Thai, for example, have side slits to increase the freedom of movement of the legs. Furthermore, the fitness shorts have sewn-in trouser pockets to safely stow small things such as cell phones or keys.

Venum Boxing Gloves

Good combat equipment also includes matching boxing gloves, which are also made in martial arts-mad Thailand. In addition to the classic boxing gloves for men and women, the Venum shop also has gloves for the sports MMA, Muay Thai or, in general, grappling. In the following section you will get a small overview of some gloves from Venum.

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What to look for when buying boxing gloves?

The following steps must be observed when purchasing venom boxing gloves:

Step 1: Choosing the Intended Use, there are three types:

  • Training gloves (for sparring with a partner): more padded to prevent injuries
  • Beating gloves (for punching bags or punching balls): lighter and thinner to improve punching technique
  • Competition gloves (required by rules): thickness of gloves is given. Mostly lacing required

Step 2: Choosing the Size

The size is mostly in the form of a unit, since the hands differ only minimally.
Only the wearer is important: child, man or woman Boxing gloves are also distinguished by weight, which is given in ounces (oz). 1 oz is equivalent to 28.35 grams. The heavier the gloves, the more filler material the boxing glove contains. The range extends from 6-8 oz (children) to 10 oz (women) to 14-18 oz (men). The only decisive factor here is the boxer's preference for weight. For competition gloves, the weight may be specified by a boxing association.

Step 3: Choice of Material

real leather or synthetic leather? Real leather is more robust and durable, but also more expensive. The quality of artificial leather is not quite as good as real leather, but it is cheaper and conceivable as an entry into boxing. Furthermore, when buying boxing gloves, a distinction can be made between lacing or Velcro. Boxing gloves with Velcro can be put on and taken off quickly. Therefore, this type is preferred for a punching glove (for the punching bag). However, a Velcro fastener does not fit as perfectly as a lace-up fastening. The lacing is prescribed by many boxing associations in combat and is therefore often used in competition gloves.


  • Venum is a renowned manufacturer of martial arts equipment.
  • Combat shorts, gloves, punching bags and equipment are just a few parts of the product range.
  • The products are manufactured in Thailand with a lot of know-how.
  • Many professionals from the boxing, MMA or Muay Thai fields are sponsored by Venum.
  • Venum products stand for high quality and extravagant design.
  • Venum Challenger 2.0, Venum Elite and Venum Contendor Kids are 3 very good boxing gloves from the Venum range.
  • Boxing gloves should be selected based on the purpose in the first place.
  • Boxing gloves are divided into batting, training and competition gloves.
  • Batting gloves for sparring, training gloves for the punching bag and competition gloves for real boxing matches.
  • Boxing gloves are also differentiated according to weight and size.
  • The size is mostly the same for men, women and children.
  • The weight of the boxing gloves is measured in ounces (oz).
  • The more oz, the more filler in the gloves.
  • Children's boxing gloves with 6-8 oz, women's boxing gloves mostly with 10 -12 oz; Men's boxing gloves from 12-18 oz.
  • Real leather stands for high quality and durability in boxing gloves.
  • Venom boxing gloves use artificial leather; thus, is cheaper than real leather.

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