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High Quality Punching Bag : Outslayer Punching Bag, 80lb

by Jeff Woo
high quality punching bag - outslayer-punching-bag-80lb

High Quality Punching Bag : Outslayer Punching Bag, 80lb

high quality punching bag[review]

High Quality Punching Bag

high quality punching bag

Outslayer is a rapidly-growing brand and highly recommended by professional trainers.  high quality punching bag

Features  high quality punching bag

  • Made in USA.
  • 80 Pound Punching Bag is good for Boxing and MMA
  • Height 44" plus another 12" length of punching bag straps.
  • 10 Year Warranty Certificate.
  • Made Out of a Special 300lb Capacity
  • Heavy duty vinyl cover
  • durable and easy to hit, but not expensive
  • The filled bag measures 44″ and has 12″ straps to the height (when connected to a hook, the height to increase by 7 inches, not 12)
  • Is filled and densely packed with synthetic material, cut, not shredded.

Outslayer punching bag, 80 lbs., is made of quality and heavy duty vinyl cover and filled with a blend of synthetic fabric which is cut, not shredded.   Outslayer’s 80 lbs heavy bag is an ideal high quality punching bag for your training purposes. It’s also excellent for full-strength Tae Kwon Do kicks

The quality of Outslayer 80 lbs. bag is high. Its density offers a relatively firm, but not too hard surface, and the density is constant throughout the bag wherever the bag is hit.  high quality punching bag

Outslayer punching bag, 80 lbs. is double-stitched to the top.  Thus, you can hang it without chains.  You may consider adding a D-ring to the base in order to fasten it to a weight.  Once D-ring is installed, you possibly can anchor it to some weight when you want to do some hard hitting/training.   high quality punching bag

D-ring is used to affix a base weight which helps fasten the bag, provides resistance, and keeps the bags from swinging while you’re working on it.   In addition, you can hang it from a heavy-bag stand, from the ceiling, from a beam or other holding items ("Firstlaw Spider Mount" (which is also highly recommended).   In case you desire to hang the bag over a beam, Outslayer’s universal heavy bag nylon strap is recommended.

A punching bag should not exceed the weight of the individual using it, as this raises the chance of knuckle and joint injuries.  Therefore, you need to consider the bag size to be properly suitable for your weight and level of experience.   Mid-sized and moderately-experienced fighters and athletes should choose this 80 lb heavy bag . For heavyweight and lighter weight may opt for a bigger 100b or smaller one.  high quality punching bag

Also, the kind of heavy bag that you opt to get will heavily is contingent on how much space you've got in your house. Therefore, if you don’t have sufficient space to hang the bag in your house, you may need to opt for a free-standing heavy bag type.  high quality punching bag

In addition, it's critical to specify which bag is suitable for you based on your training objectives and physical condition prior to making a buy. In regards to selecting the proper punching bag for your training, it is necessary to understand what each bag is great for.  Each form of heavy punching bag was created specifically for some component of your boxing training.  high quality punching bag

You can find out more detail in our Punching Bag Guide.

Materials Used

In addition to size, you also need to look at the shell material whether it will last for longer period of time after being hit and pound over and over and the filler. The cover must be well-sewn so that it won’t be abused and not burst open.  high quality punching bag

Some punching bags may also use a mix of a few different fillers, but Outslayer punching bag, 80 lbs is not filled with sand, but with good quality synthetic fabric which is cut not shredded, and is densely packed.

Although sand is a good heavy and durable material for the bag core, it does not stay in the core. Thus, it may not last long and the sand bag begins to break and sifts down to the bottom. As a result, the filling will get hard and the bottom would break.  high quality punching bag

Since Outslayer punching bag, 80 lbs. is filled with fabric, you won’t have to flip over the bag to re-distribute the weight, unlike the bags that are filled with sand or other filling materials. The sewn on straps are also durable, not easily being ripped or weakened.  high quality punching bag

Whether you’re kneeing, kicking, and striking, Outslayer punching bag, 80 lbs. gives less impacts on the joints, but still allows you to have a great work out and work on your speed and muscle memory.  high quality punching bag

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  • 10 year warranty  high quality punching bag
  • Durable heavy duty vinyl cover, densely filled with shredded fabric.
  • Is already filled, no need to find the stuffing to put inside.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Comes with customization option with colors and D-ring.
  • Is filled with synthetic material, cut, not shredded, and densely packed, making it rather springy.
  • Straps and rings are very sturdy and stitched well.
  • Hanger is integrated into the construction of the bag nice and seamless and is heavy duty.
  • Surface has nice feel on contact
  • Is waterproof as it’s made from vinyl (good for placing it outdoor in the summer)

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  • Comes with no chain.
  • Need to buy an additional swivel mount
  • Need a place to hang.

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top 10 best punching bagsIf you want a high quality punching bag, Outslayer punching bag, 80 lbs. is highly recommended.

Outslayer Punching Bag, 80lb

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  • Filled only with fabric, no sand fillers added, that means you won’t experience excess sinking and hard / hollow spots as with other brands
  • Proudly Made in USA and comes with a 10 year warranty
  • Known as the gold standard of heavy bags, just do some research on Outslayer bags and you’ll see that you are investing in the best product out there that will last you for years to come
  • Made out of top heavy duty multi coated anti rip American vinyl
  • Dimensions: Height 44" (plus Additional 12" Length Of The Punching Bag Handles) X 14"

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