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Saenchai Highlight

by Jeff Woo

Muay Thai/Kard Chuek/kickboxing highlight of the legendary Saenchai PKGym.

Saenchai is undoubtedly one of the greatest fighters ever. He has won Lumpinee titles at several different weight classes in Thailand and continues to fight above his natural weight even today when he is in his thirties.

Saenchai's unique style of muay Thai is unmistakable; he has the ability to pull off risky (and entertaining) manouvers that no other fighter is capable of doing. Quite simply, Saenchai is a fighter like no other, and has to be considered one of the most entertaining fighters on the planet.

For your information, Saenchai was previously known as Saenchai Sor Kingstar and Saenchai Sinbi Muay Thai. He also trained under the 13 Coins banner but never officially took the gym's name.


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